Stacey Dries Headshot.jpeg

Stacey Dries has been working as a systems engineer on NASA programs for the past 13 years.  She has helped to develop a human factors verification process still in place today.  She has managed many aspects of integrating payload science to ISS including; requirements, verification and real-time support to both ISS and Shuttle missions.  Her work provided fully accommodated, multi-disciplined coordinated support to ensure mission success and support to real-time payload operations and issue resolution.  Stacey, originally from Santa Clarita, CA; graduated from Texas A&M with an Aerospace Engineering degree and currently lives in Houston, TX with her husband and family.

We asked Stacey a few fun questions to get to know her. Check them out to see what unique things she adds to our team!

What interest you about space?

I have always loved space.  Science and math were my favorite/better subjects in school and I enjoyed learning about orbital mechanics, physics and planetary science.  When I was in high school I attended Space Camp in Alabama for a week and that really got me interested in pursuing Aerospace Engineering.  During college I even got to return to Space Camp as a counselor for one summer. 

What makes you a unique addition to our team?

I also have an Associates degree in Dance.  I have been teaching dance in the local area for 10 years.  I tend to have a lot of energy and enthusiasm and I believe that brings a good vibe to the teams I work with.

Do you have any favorite TV shows or movies?

From TV, I enjoy The Voice, The Amazing Race and Once Upon a Time.  As for movies, I love action and comedy movies; Star Wars and Star Trek, Indiana Jones, etc. 

If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

This one is tough, there are lots of people I would love to meet for many different reasons, Astronauts, famous dancers and actors, historical figures, etc; but if I had to pick right now, today, it would be my mother.  She passed away from cancer in 2010 and never got to meet her youngest grandchild (who is now 5), I would most want to spend the day with her just catching up and getting to see her be with the kids.

Describe your perfect day

My perfect day would start with sleeping in late (~9a in my world), I would spend the day with my family and friends outside where its warm and breezy near a pool with drinks and food.  Lots of music, games and fun while everyone relaxes, with no worries about the next day.

Space Tango is excited for the contributions that Stacey will bring to our work, as we push forward for the launch of SpaceX-10 this November. Follow our blog for more information on our team as well as current and upcoming projects.